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“Let’s come together as one. Let’s fight for equality, let’s fight for our rights, let’s fight for real freedom.”

Meet Kill Nigel, a budding entrepreneur, started his career in creative direction, styling and designing for artists and labels. He has always had a passion for artistry and music, and has diligently worked to create a life for his family amongst the pursuit of passion.

Kill Nigel is an advocate of creating a new America and changes that are long overdue. This collaboration is the beginning of many initiatives to propel the end of systematic racism.

Coming up as a small business itself, CURE looks to empower and advocate for those in our local black community and extend to the community at large.

You can join our cause by purchasing an EXCLUSIVE CURE x Kill Nigel T-shirt, proceeds will be distributed evenly to Black Lives Matter movement and Kill Nigel. #blacklivesmatter


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