Cannabis Fashion

CURE by WCC (CURE) was originally cultivated and conceived with the urban, 420-street enthusiast idea in mind. Colorful, highly functional, and distinctive, CURE is more a lifestyle than clothing brand. From strain-specific, fashion forward hats with a genetic flare (Hardcore OG), to their new Black Toxic Mini Messenger Bag, CURE by WCC brings the functional ‘Fire’ to  fashion. Stars of the 2020 fashion harvest include a sweet inventory of branded T-shirts, colorful hoodies, comfortable shorts & joggers, and other assorted gear. 

“An intentional double entendre, ‘CURE’ by WCC refers to both a properly cured cannabis flower, and the promise of the plant’s many unstudied compounds.”

 As stigma surrounding cannabis is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, a hybrid collaboration between the cannabis and fashion industry is propagating a new phenotype of urban apparel. In sowing the first seeds for the next wave of 420-fashion, CURE by WCC was created from the same corporate genetics as West Coast Cure. 

But while some form of legalization exists in many states, many highly educated adults who support the lifestyle are forced to live in a "Green Closet." So rather than revamping the old stoner gear from the late 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, and making them slightly less tacky, CURE by WCC lineup seeks to make a bold yet tasteful statement about the 420-lifestyle.

Active on all relevant social platforms, CURE by WCC interacts with our customers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TickTock.

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